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Inception Lighting Control Tool

The Control Tool is a powerful way to control your LED architectural color-changing lights.

With the app, you have the flexibility to configure and control individual sections of light or an entire collection of installations across a city or the entire country.

Wide-Area Wireless

Our cloud-based technology enables the ability to provide real-time configuration and control from anywhere where you have an Internet connection. No more need to be near an installation to control the light. Multiple devices, groups, and locations can be defined and controlled.

Full Control

The solution provides powerful features that enable complete flexibility in the design and control of light settings. Color, Pattern, and Schedule, and Real-Time Control capabilities are provided for intuitive definition and control.


Inception Lighting architectural color-changing LED light strips, Generation II wireless controllers, and Wireless Gateway. An active user account on Inception Lighting Control Services.

To understand more about the Inception Lighting system, please see our product page ( for more information.

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